Personnel Directory

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Name Title email Extension
Alexis, Stevens IT Coordinator, Computer Architecture, Computer Languages 259
Anhalt, Carolyn Main Office Secretary, Driver Education Coordinator 100
Baranczyk, Ray Phy Ed
Boys Track Coach, Weightlifting 138
Bettag, Sr. Mary Teresa Algebra Essentials 108
Birr, Frank Oratorio Choir, Mixed Choir, Concert Choir 142
Blaser, Gina Chemistry, Biology 275
Brewer, Warren Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, Intro Engineering 276
Cotter, Kathy Human Biology 262
Garceau, Joe Intro Engineering, Software Applications, Phy Ed
Technology Survey, Software Applications, Phy Ed
Boys Varsity Basketball Coach 258
Geiger, Taylor Campus Ministry, Lasallian Youth Coordinator, Service & Spirituality 109
Giesen, Candice Auction Coordinator 150
Glinski, Bethany Athletic Trainer, Student Athletic Training
Nutrition & Fitness 107
Hendricks, Paul

Government, Economics 278
Holzinger, Denise Development Office 114
Kinate, Sister Jane Fr. Science, Fr. Chemistry, AP Physics 277
Kinsella, Paul Algebra I, Geometry, Probability/Statistics 281
Kraemer, Bill Building Supervisor 135
Kraemer, Cyndi Development Office 145
Leist, Paulette Athletic Secretary, Bookstore Manager
Insights Newsletter, Registrar 127
MacDonald, Melissa (Green) English 9, English 12, AP English 120
Mack, Tony AP US History, American History
Lights & Sound Technology Coordinator 279
Martin, Vida Attendance Secretary, Color Guard 141
Mirsberger, Steve Intro to Business, Accounting, Marketing 261
Miske, Patricia Algebra Essentials, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Probability & Statistics,
Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Advanced Algebra & Trigonometry 282
Mueller, Dave Athletic Director, Health 148
Nett, Wendy Bookkeeper 153
Nickels, Joan School Counselor, Career Internships 131
Niquette, Dan Environmental Science, Biology 268
Olson, Tim Principal, Senior Religion, Sociology, Music Ministry 122
Piaskowski, Colleen Learning Needs, Study Skills, Fine Arts Center Coordinator,
School Testing Coordinator, AP Test Coordinator 154
Pritzl, Shannon Spanish 1 and 2, International Students 273
Rohrer, Sue Librarian, University Reading, Curriculum Coordinator, Creative Writing 136
Ruechel, Ben Government, World History, Psychology, Economics 101
Schrimpf, Sherry Public Relations, Website, Development Office 147
Schweigl, Paul Religion 11, Apologetics 253
Seizert, Beth Spanish 3, 4 and 5, Online Languages, International Club Advisor, National Honor Society, Chess Club Advisor 274
Sevcik, Sue Foods I and II, CSI (Consumer Sciences Investigation)
Child Development and Parenting, Nutrition & Fitness,
Interior Design, Sewing 102/102, Senior FACE 257
Stelzer, John President 126
Strawn, Barbara Business Manager 139
Teshima, Mary Ann Religion 9, Religion 10 252
Tomaszewski, Nancy AP Calculus, Calculus, Advanced Algebra & Trigonometry
Algebra 2,
Math Club Advisor, Scheduling Coordinator 283
Van Sickle, Corey Music Composition, Beginning Band, Band, Instrumental Music Outreach 123
Waak, Steve English 11, Public Speaking
Student Government Advisor 254
Woodcock, Tim Fundamentals of 2D Art, Fundamentals of 3D Art
Ceramics and Sculpture, Honors Art, Drawing, Painting
Architectural Drawing, Art Outreach, Film & Theater
Printmaking, Graphic Design, Yearbook & Pilot Advisor 112