What does Roncalli have to offer?

  • Technology Policy
  • Fortress (Security)
  • Shared T1 Access (Internet)
  • Google School
  • Two Learning Labs (Lab 106 and Media Center)
  • Multimedia Lab (Room 109)
  • Computer Equipped Biology Lab
  • Academic Lab(Room 108)
  • Media Presentation Carts (Projector, Laptop, VCR/DVD Player)
  • Smartboards
  • TV and Cable in the classrooms
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Camcorders / Tripods
  • Broadcast Center (Local Network)
Media Center
Media Center
Media Center

Bring Your Own Device

Educational research indicates that businesses need young people who have developed the skills listed below. Most adults now carry their information, addresses, plans, files, presentations and means of communication with them in a briefcase or even a pocket. We cannot expect our students to compete in that world if we only allow them access to stationary technology for limited blocks of time.

Beginning with the 2017/2018 school year, all students at Roncalli are provided with a netbook to be used for that school year. By providing them with a netbook and wireless connection at school, we will be allowing them to pursue their education in a manner that more closely resembles real life, preparing them for whatever future they decide to pursue.

For more information on the opportunities these netbooks will provide to our students: